Winner's List

Welcome to our Winner's List!

Congratulations! On 8/15/17 our $150 monthly gift card winner is: 


Check back on the 15th of every month to see this month's winner! 

How to COLLECT your prize: 

1) If your name or email address is above, you won!

2) To claim your prize, please email us at You will receive a return email with instructions on how to use your prize. In the email, please include the date that you won the sweepstakes. 

3) Each winner will only have 1 week from the date that you won to claim your prize, so check this page often!

Click here to see our Sweepstakes Official Rules. 

 Previous Winners: 

dancyn3(at) - 7/15/17 $150 gift card

Srabon12391(at) - 6/15/17 $150 gift card

Teresa Pederson - tpederson64(at) - 5/15/17 $150 gift card

bpaulsherri(at) - 4/15/17 $150 gift card

Bernard Bonner - etjq(at) -3/15/17 $150 gift card

leelee8576(at) - 2/15/17 $150 gift card

ptcecil(at) - 1/15/17 $150 gift card

douglascallender48(at) - 12/15/16 $150 gift card

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